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    Thank you both so much for your replies- I appreciate them enormously. Some of my questions have definitely been answered. I have anther though, if that's OK. I was listening to one of the level 1 audios and i thought I heard Tim say that it is important to make sure you stay focused on the negative events while click tracking because the process works to disconnect all emotions, not just negative ones. Now every time I go to click track I notice how much I'm feeling love for my partner and that's the last thing I would ever want to erase! While I'm overjoyed to be so conscious of the feelings, it means I keep stopping the click track for fear if erasing them if I'm still feeling them while doing it. My mind does wander from what I'm trying to click track away, after all. Most especially a little while into it when a lot of the charge has gone out of whatever it is.

    Yes I know. My subconscious is extremely tricky and I'm full of resistance. People always say you need a niche with therapy work. While I don't hold to that 100%, I decided a long time ago that once Im finally working my speciality must be “overcoming inner conflict”. It's the swamp I'm crossing. I realised that some while ago. So if I ever manage to get across it, well, I reckon I'll be something of an expert in it by then! ;)

    Lol! Help/ advise so much appreciated. Thank you so much for the replies already! Jeff I have reread what I wrote but didn't quite fully comprehend what you were obviously seeing. Tho I did get the idea that I must have at least in part answered some of my questions when writing it but I decided to post it anyway as I still wanted to hear from experienced practitioners. Now my brain has gone fuzzy and I'll need to wait until I'm more compis mantis to remember what that was I think lol! I would still be interested in your personal experience tho, if you'd like to share.

    Peter, thank you for your replies- most especially for your reassurance that inc I clear the negative I will be me. Just the happy positive me. That does help a lot. A lot. Tho, of course, I have hang ups about tht too…. Long story lol and I'm sure there's no point in telling it, just more stuff to clear… And more stuff I'm frightened of loosing connection with. But if I delete the emotional charge does that mean I will be able to see the events more clearly and gain a firmer grasp on what actually happened? I think a lot of my resistance with working on some events is that I've not managed to pick them apart or understand what thy mean yet. Perhaps I place too much importance on this. But understanding is something of immense value to me. Will I be able to understand better if the emotional charge is gone? The memories I have click tracked so far have faded somewhat in my memory. I don't perceive them so clearly. But maybe I already got the meanings I needed from them, and now it is simply time to move forward? Is that it?

    Sorry so many questions. This is just of great importance to me. I've been told off for my abstract and analytical thinking before now, tho someone else once told me that I don't think too much, I just need to learn to think about the right things. Ie, not give up the thinking propensity, just be mindful as to where I direct it. I liked that. But haven't always managed on the follow through… I guess that's the point of this clickig business- that by disconnecting from the past we can direct our energies in more helpful and healthful ways.

    Ok I've talked enough lol.

    My best wishes to you both and thanks again for your input!


    Ps. Please forgive any typos- I'm tapping this out on my tiny phone…