Reply To: New and have concerns/queries

Peter Bunyan


    You are correct in that the Click Tracks can remove any emotion associated with a memory, and you do not want to remove the good bits. It is important therefore to focus really hard on the bad times, while this may seem hard as you have found out it will not be for very long. While Click Tracking, keep working at pulling your thoughts back to the task in hand, try as hard as you can. Also as you have discovered PSTEC is not a lay back and listen therapy, it requires your effort, you will get the best results from being involved and as focused as you can. However it is only for short periods of time. Get through to the end of the track and if you cannot feel any remaining “charge” then it is job done.

    Now in true therapist fashion I feel that in order to answer your question I must first ask you one. Look inside yourself and ask yourself the question “is my concern about my past connections some form of resistance. Perhaps some form of procrastination an excuse to not move on, or perhaps plain old fashioned fear of change or of a new and unknown, uncertain future?” Get back to us!

    Wow! You really typed that on a phone! I give up after one paragraph. Keeps it short and sweet though.