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Peter Bunyan

    Hi  Access

    6 new Click Tracks that is 3 lengths, short, medium and long with 2 tapping pattern choices for each length. Plus a big new bonus of having the ability to work on multiple related issues at the same time by first using a new “Wrapper” track.
    So yes use the FREE stuff first then if you need it, purchase CT 2015, more powerful than the eefs but the Level one package containing those is still great value for money.
    On one play so far I would say essential for therapists for everyone else this adds to the choice of packages. If you cannot clear your negative feelings with the FREE tracks then 2015 should do it. In my case the eefs got me from 8 down to 4 in one play yesterday, today one session with the new long 2015 got me from 4 to 0 on the same issue.
    Tim has spent a lot of time on this one, a lot of the new stuff is more psycho-technical so probably difficult to explain and unnecessary to, for most users.