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Peter Bunyan

    Hi Access

    It would be impossible to assess the effectiveness of CT 2015 against say eefs, Negative, and Positive used in combination. It is only possible to say that it is the most powerful remover of negative emotions.
    Firstly for others reading this CT 2015 is not suitable for first time self helpers. You would need at least to have used the FREE Basic Click Tracks and be happy that PSTEC works for you first.

    The Wrapper in CT 2015 would be useful for those who have had multiple misfortunes occur to them example divorces or business failures or hospitalizations or have had multiple incidents of abuse. Or where a business failure has been followed by a relationship failure the connection between them being the sense of failure. In fact if you think of one issue and others crop up in your mind afterwards then there is probably a connection even if you are not aware of it. The Wrapper re-enforces the existing connection and bundles the events or memories into one prior to running the Click Track on the one bundle. IMO best to allow a bit more time and run a medium or long track if you are bundling things together. Although there is no tapping or clicks in the Wrapper Track it does require some mental effort on your part it is not a lay back and listen hypnotherapy track although hypnotherapists could use their skill to do the wrapping and bundling for their clients. EFTers might also be familiar with the bundling concept and be able to use EFT for a similar if less powerful effect.

    Although the power of CT 2015 might seem attractive to those desperate or in a hurry to resolve their problems I suggest to those people that the sense of desperation and being in a rush are signs of stress in themselves and should be Click Tracked first. Time pressure is stressful, allow your self time to get well, the time spent is well worth it.