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    Peter's replies are absolutely first rate and very informative. His replies are often better than I would produce myself.

    The reason that the product page doesn't specifiy more is twofold. The first reason is that many of the advancements in these tracks are internal to the tracks themselves.
    These additions and refinements are a huge step up in so many ways but without understanding exactly how I construct them and also their intimate internal workings then what I had to say about the changes would be all but meaningless to anyone but myself.

    Additionally there are improvements within these that I could mention and which would also be understandable to most users….. but by doing so I would simultaneously have to draw attention to features which are intended to slip past conscious awareness thereby defeating their purpose entirely. 

    As such it was only possible for me to be rather circumspect about the differences but as Peter has said, these are considerably more sophisticated. Hardly surprising since I've had five years to consider what these should contain. 

    Thanks for your question.