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    Kind of you.
    The following may be useful to you, What you will notice is that the character of Click Track 2015 is quite different from the older tracks. The suggestions and my entire approach to the  track(s) construction is designed not just to be more effective but also to be more effective across a wider range of uses.

    Also they have been constructed so as to compliment the older click tracks rather than to outright replace them. I absolutely didn't want or intend to make the older tracks redundant because they have so many uses of their own and by creating a very different click track it gives PSTEC users more choice. Problems of a subconscious nature obviously vary significantly so where one form of track may hit problems on rare occasions…. the other may then score.

    It may be useful to know that in my private sessions I use the full range from free to 2015.  This is because each type has value in its own way.

    I tend to test the waters with older tracks because it can be useful to save the “big guns” for when really needed. That's just a personal preference on my part of course.

    Hopefully many many users will post their experience of 2015 and this will also help to demonstrate how these differ…. from a user perspective.