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Peter Bunyan

    Hi rob54

    The quick answer is no, the new CT 2015 tracks are as the FREE Basic CTs and the Enhanced CTs they only remove unwanted emotions, they do not install anything new.

    However…the Click Tracks by removing unwanted negative feelings enable new behaviours to happen as the negative feelings often block or stop you from doing things. Procrastination in all it's various guises is underneath all the reasons and excuses for not doing things served up by your subconscious, driven by fear, fear of failure and or fear of success. Fears removable by the Click Tracks. Your subconscious is brilliant at providing reasons for not doing things, so what appears to be unconnected events not completed or avoided can be connected by fear of change, failure or success. With the new CT 2015 tracks and the Wrapper that comes with them you could target multiple occasions or instances of apparently unrelated procrastination in one play through. This feature though is only available with the new CT 2015 package.

    More specifically ADD/ADHD which is often accompanied by depression and other disorders can be helped with PSTEC. The stigma of being labelled with a “learning disorder” the helplessness at finding out it is “incurable” and possibly a life of taking medication. During your school years your symptoms might well have made study and achieving grades difficult and therefore you being seen as less intelligent. There might have been incidents of inappropriate behaviour stemming from your inability to focus. All of these things drive down your feelings of self worth and are therefore connected and the bad feelings could be Click Tracked away. This allowing the past to remain gone and not influencing your present and potential future just because you are labelled with a Disorder.

    IMO everyone suffers from sub-clinical ADD/ADHD it is just that some people are more affected than others. Humans are generally not designed for patience and focus unless motivated to be so. We love and crave stimulation in all our senses, the extreme opposite is a torture, sensory deprivation. The most demanding sense is the visual, we are captivated and calmed down by watching moving things. My dentist has a screen above his chair where I can see it while he poking around inside my mouth. Perhaps this is why TV is called the “opiate of the masses”. Our current education systems are not well designed to produce happy socially developed people but workers to be selected by employers. Standardised curriculum's with standardised tests to produce standardised students, individuals do not fit well within it. With PSTEC tools you can remove all the negative stuff that comes with being labelled and different, to enable and celebrate being unique and further develop those unique skills and learning that you have, to be your true self and to hell with what others think about you.
    Perhaps I should get off my hobby horse now!