Reply To: PSTEC Level 1 advice

Peter Bunyan


    You have choices!

    1) Even though you find it hard to get emotion/anxiety anywhere near the “real” thing when recalling/reliving incidents while “Clicking”, keep trying anyway. Hopefully this will help loosen up the repression blocking the feelings.

    2) Imagine a future scene that would trigger the anxiety, imagine the anxiety and run the Click Track with that in mind.

    3) If you know what the traumas were that were the originating events causing the anxiety then recall those and run the track. If you cannot remember any event/events perhaps due to the same repression that blocks your feelings. Then back to 1). It is quite common for people who have been using PSTEC for a while to suddenly remember events that have been “buried” or forgotten for many years.

    4) Use the Click Tracks for some other minor unrelated issues first and just get into the habit of using them before attempting to work on the major issue.

    5) The repression of memories is set up by fears, fear of reliving the pain of the original event/s, perhaps fear of change. These fears will be unique to you but these might also be “Clickable” if you can access them.

    It is difficult for me to advise the best way forward as everyone is different and what works for you may not for others. So you may just have to try and work your way through these in order to find out. Starting maybe with what “feels” the safest to you.

    I am not sure if I have answered your questions yet! Please get reply and let me know.