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    The effects of childhood abuse are a dramatic reduction in self worth/self-esteem although you appear to have removed much of the negative feelings around your childhood, that disastrous lack of self worth remains, this colours (discolours?) your whole outlook on life as epitomised by your “fortress of fear….”.

    Yup, spot on.

    You could try just try Click Tracking the GAD but it would be better if you could identify some triggers for the anxiety. My guess would be almost any social situation. Furthermore any situation involving a member of the same sex as your abuser. It might be any authority figure or it might be someone with the same colour hair. Unfortunately with GAD the triggers are so slight and plentiful and therefore difficult to isolate.

    None of your guesses are correct, but that’s understandable :). Having difficult to isolate, plentiful triggers is a major source of frustration when trying to pinpoint the source of anxiety.

    Another area to start with is “What makes you angry” Anger is such a destructive emotion and it quite often stems from low self worth and that injustice the unfairness in life that you suffered while others did not.

    Good idea. Anger often stems from feeling that “I” don’t matter, that any efforts I make or feelings I have don’t count. Good area to Click on!

    As money is an issue there is another FREE hypnotic track from Tim “Wealth of Abundance” you can download it HERE from my site, no signup, no email required. It works to rebuild your self worth in a positive way. As a hypnotic it needs to be listened to frequently over a period of time, if you can then every day for a fortnight.

    Thank you! I tried to download that track from this site yesterday, but it wouldn’t work. Trying to manifest is exactly what lead me to PSTEC.

    Hopefully this gives you a few clues and helps to get you started, please reply and let us know how you get on.

    Thank you for your response and suggestions, much appreciated. I will report back. If and when I can afford to purchase some more tracks, would you recommend EEF or 2015?

    Best regards,