Reply To: Not focusing on memories

Peter Bunyan


    “Spot on” Great, but what to do about it.

    Note: The FREE stuff is not “cut down” or reduced performance, it has just been improved upon over time. This extra development has taken a lot of time and therefore “paid for”.

    You are not short of targets to Click Track. Lack of self worth shows itself in many ways. Anger as mentioned also negative, pessimistic ways of thinking, envy, greed jealousy and more. (leads to depression). Wealth of Abundance helps by improving gratitude which works to reduce that negativity.

    If the social aspects of GAD are not a problem then I suggest anything that could be viewed as a “lack of control” over any area of your life both big and small. Anywhere you might feel you have no influence, no say, trapped, stuck, things happening around you, not concerned about you, being taken for granted, powerless, no money.

    You might guess that I am assuming that the GAD is a result of your years of abuse. Yes and that removing the emotions from those memories will reduce the GAD. Yes again. Possibly other therapists have said the same to you. I'm guessing again that during those tragic years you very often knew in advance that you were going to be “in for it” again, more undeserved “punishment” and possibly blamed for causing “it”. this would very understandably create stress and anxiety. Repeated many times over many years the stress and anxiety have become a habit. If that is the case then I would expect any or all of smoking, substance abuse, alcohol abuse and weight issues to follow on. (Not always!) However these are all habits, habits of behaviour which can be changed. The GAD is also a habit of behaviour which likewise can be removed and changed. One way of breaking habits is “pattern interrupts”, stopping just before the undesired action, and repeating this process until the habit has no hold over you and stops. In your case I am looking for some commonality around anticipated events where you “know” something is going to happen. With some pessimistic thinking then all expected events are likely to appear undesirable and so trigger stress and anxiety. If you “know” that anxiety is about to happen, even if you do not know why, then you stand a good chance of being able to do something about it.

    Please accept my apologies for any generalisations and guesswork. However as a “deep psychological thinker” have I got anything anywhere near right?

    Before and after every play through it is strongly suggested that you rate the strength of emotion you are about to work on, on a scale of 0-10 you are probably familiar with this from previous therapies. IMO it is best to really trust your subconscious to provide the right number, so think about the feeling ask yourself for a number and literally the first one which comes into your head, a real snap decision, no second guessing or modifying. The same goes for immediately after the play through. If you are using the Click Tracks correctly then I would expect a reduction in the numbers every time, even if only a small difference.

    “feeling that “I” don’t matter, that any efforts I make or feelings I have don’t count.” Great definition of low self worth!

    Keep on “Clicking”