Reply To: Not focusing on memories

Peter Bunyan


    Yes it certainly seems like you got the “short end of the stick” in life. As much as I feel for you, you need something more tangible than that. Part of my role here is to give you hope, a starting point which you can build on. I cannot “fix” you, only you can do that. If I fully understood what your life was like I would probably have the same symptoms. What I can do is to use my own rock solid belief in the ability of PSTEC to help you.

    LOA/manifestation need in order to work an accurate vision of what you want to happen, and a blind faith that it will, that the universe will provide what ever it is you desire. However in your experience, your universe, so far has given you a whole lot of sh….! You have to find evidence to the contrary, that it might be possible to change for the better, to that it is possible, to that it could happen, to that it will happen, to that it is going to happen, to it is happening. This is a progression a journey from doubt to belief. Because your subconscious resists change unless there is proof that it is good and safe to to so, preferably something you can see. (If someone gave you a big winning lottery ticket you wouldn't believe it until you had some cash in hand.) So you have to work in small increments and yes this might take time. (Please don't groan.) Here I am just using the “mechanics of mind” to explain, nothing to do with “you have big tough issues it is gonna take some work to clear that”. Big swift changes can and do happen to people but it is back to that blind faith and vision which persuade the subconscious to let go of your past with it's accompanying set of habits both of thinking and physical you now call life.

    You have had some success with PSTEC so far, this is excellent. Something to build on!  Go to the PSTEC .org site here and read some of the user success stories or here to listen to some more to help re-enforce your belief that PSTEC can and will work for you as well.

    Self confident people tend to have gaols, visions for their future. With this they always have something they can do to work towards that future, a plan. People with low self worth tend to have little hope for a better future and no plan. The process of defining a vision, and building a plan towards it, positively builds confidence and increases self-esteem. Think about it, what is it you want out of life. If you are not sure think for a moment about what you do not want, you have had plenty of that. What is the opposite? Write it down on paper! The more you focus on that vision the more the “how to achieve it” will become clear.

    Acquiring loads of money is not a useful end in itself, although it might be handy in order to achieve what it is you desire. Since lack of the stuff is an issue with you at the moment then place a pile of bills in front of you and expect more to come in. Click Track that feeling, the lack of, the stress, the OMG how am I going to pay this. You will not have the faith that it will be all right while you have those fears. This can be considered one of the requirements of manifestation or to me just more “mechanics of mind”. Your brain/mind is a pattern recognition engine set to look for patterns in all the incoming information from all your senses. By creating a vision and removing fears to make the vision more believable you set your mind to filtering out information patterns helpful towards that end. If you are not looking you will not find it, even though it is there “right under your nose”.

    I have plenty more to say but what you need is a starting point. While not tangible as such I hope the above gives you something more solid and practical to work with.