Reply To: Deep-seated fear of abandonment


    Came up w/ this as a possible PSNeg statement, “It is my belief that love will always leave me.”  or “It is my belief that I will always be abandoned.”  What do you think?

    I'm having serious trouble coming up w/ counters because my experience has been that this belief is true!  As I asked above, how do I come up w/ counters, unless I can use other ppl as examples such as, “People do stay in r'ships for life” or something.
    The only one I can think of that fits my own life is “Mom is still here”.
    Can I use things like, “If I didn't push, people would stay”  ??
    Or, “Love is all around and everywhere”, or “People are loving”. 

    I'm sort of stumped here.  Thanks for the assistance, Peter (Tim, or whomever).