Reply To: Deep-seated fear of abandonment


    Peter, thank you SO MUCH for your reply. I was eagerly awaiting one because I'm anxious to delve into the  PSTec work.

    In fact, after I wrote those posts I went ahead and did a basic CT and then an EEF on the fear of being alone.  Before I did them I listened to Tim's 12 min audio on panic attacks.  In that, he says panic attacks can take a lot of CT work so I'm going to keep doing it for a while on that morning panicky feeling, even though I cannot feel that once I”m truly awake, I do the best I can.

    After that I did PS Neg using “It is my belief that love will always leave me.”  Then I did PS Pos using, “Love can be mine forever!”

    Don't have a clue if those are useful ways of wording it but I know it can't hurt so I went ahead.  Still would love to get input on the best way or wording the abandonment issue.

    And YES of course you're right about the lack of love I received as a child etc.  I could have gone into a ton more detail on all of that but I didn't want the post to be a missive lol.

    I agree too that I should do more work on the feeling unworthy/unlovable thing even though I think I”ve made headway there.

    I very much like your idea of focussing on things getting better etc. In fact that goes along w/ my beliefs (those of Neville Goddard) that “an assumption, although false, if persisted in will harden into fact”…due to the subconscious's ability to outpicture what we truly BELIEVE.  Hence I'm trying to get rid of the deep-seated negative beliefs which are hindering my progress in believing the stuff I want…namely, love like I had before (preferably w/ the same guy, because as I said, I firmly believe it was my fear of losing him that made him leave, so I firmly believe if I no longer have that fear, I can draw him back).

    You don't sound unfeeling at all, I greatly appreciate your advice and insight and for the most part you're spot on.  Coming from a similiar situation (I'm sad to see), you do understand. 

    I look forward to anymore advice/insight you can give about how to use PS Negative especially (and those pesky positive counters to prime the pump). 

    Today, after doing all that CTing (and I had a horrible headache while doing them too, but that didn't stop me)…I've felt different. It might be the migraine medicine I don't know (lol)..I do hope though that somehow I did some good w/ the PSTec'ing that I've done so far.

    Thanks again.