Reply To: Deep-seated fear of abandonment

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Requin

    Re use PSTEC Negative and Positive. As you have found they do not work so well if you just construct a statement as a form of words and even with the power of PSTEC expect it to work amazingly well.

    With Negative it think it works best for those negative, self limiting things that you can with a bit of practice find your self saying and thinking, time and time again. Things that quite often start “I can't do….”, “I hate doing….”, “What's the point of….”,”I'm no good at…”, “I'll never….”. They might feel like they are a part of you, that they define you somehow, that you have said them all your life, even your parents said them. Every time you think or say such things you re-enforce the belief more, and reduce your self worth even more. If and when you catch yourself saying or thinking such a thing, write it down, ASAP so you can work on it when you have time. Remember to CT it before running the Negative track.

    You can't send a text message to a landline phone unless it has the built in facility or you go through a 3rd party service, one is digital the other analogue. In effect different languages. Your conscious mind uses language, words, and your subconscious feelings AKA emotions. In between is your imagination which is accessible by both levels of brain/consciousness, which converts both ways.

    So when you construct your positive statement you need to be able to imagine it being true, actually happening, before and during the track. But for a Negative you need to imagine the consequence of something missing or lack of or what is the worst that can happen. This then should help construct those alternative counter statements which need to point out why the Negative is unwanted, unhelpful, hurtful etc.

    In a similar way to the CTs you can rate the Negative statement by asking yourself “How true is this?” on a scale of 0-10 where 0 is not at all and 10 is very true. You can rate it after the track as well. For Positive statements it should be the other way round with 0 being very true and 10 not at all. With Positives it may not be worth proceeding unless you can believe (even if at a stretch) your own statement, so say below 5.

    Hope this has given you something to work with.