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Andres Leon

    Hi peter, thanks for answering!!
    I bought the 2015 tracks yesterday and inmeditaly started tapping on some relationships events (2 friends and someone i was dating) that happened 5 months ago. They were all lost because of my reactions and because of things that were done by me but that I couldnt control at the time and didnt even really meant, as you may imagine, This caused a huge sense of guilt, a sense of being a total Screw up and the desire to cut myself or hang myself (even though I never actually tried to do any of those things). This was even more enhanced due to the fact that this has happened many many times in my life.
    The things is yesterday I ran the 2 medium tracks and the wrapper, I did it as intensely as I could and finished the session. I didnt feel any different, nor did I feel different today when I woke up BUT something happened. Today I had less frequent thoughts about the people I lost and whenever I thought about them and my mistakes, I Didnt feel the usual need to cut myself or feel guilty, I experienced almost 5% of the original feeling I had. Besides that, today I was in a situation where someone explained me something and I struggled to do it, not bc I didnt understand but bc there were many issues with the system and different things that made it difficult for me to do and , unlike always, I didnt feel rage towards me or even anxiety or intense stress or self hatred.  It was 1:30 hours and I only felt tired and drained but didnt hate myself at the end of the training.

    I gotta say, this is some deep stuff. I will continue to do this everyday with every issue I encounter. The only thing I wanted to ask you is: I do feel a little Empty after releasing stuff, I do not feel happier, i just feel more stable and react less to known past triggers, Should I use the click tracks in combination with something else in order to install positive feelings or emotions or should  I wait until I clear every major stuff inside of me of its negative charge?

    Also, could hypnosis mp3s help? or do they have to be another PSTEC product in order to install positive stuff inside?

    Thanks a lot for your answers and time :)

    Edit: I got to say that I just experienced again some of these bad thoughts and desires to stop existing, although with a little less intensity. This happened while i was with some musicians i know, I usually feel very uncomfortable and unsafe around groups of people in which im also part of the group so maybe my triggers happen when im in q group setting and not on my own as much.
    I dont want to continue like this, is it nomal to have a setback like this?