Reply To: Meth addiction

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Neecy

    I'm not a doctor so cannot give any medical advice. From a fast look on the internet there are no specific medications to counteract the the withdrawal symptoms but behavioural therapies have been shown to help. On that basis I do not see why PSTEC cannot assist in the process, but it would be as a part of a package of support and medical advice.

    In order to get past what is likely to be a difficult time you will need to be able to visualise, imagine or picture in your mind, your future self clean, happy and healthier. You will need to give yourself something to aim for as a reward for enduring the tough time ahead.

    PSTEC can help in this by removing any fears that you may have, of not be able to do it, of the stress and discomfort that might lay in wait for you, and others. PSTEC Positive can then re-enforce the target image of your successful future self and the belief that you can do it.

    Given the powerful nature of chemical addiction you might need the support of a PSTEC therapist rather than just the self-help route. The register of PSTEC therapists is here.