Reply To: Meth addiction


    Thank you Peter, your advice is so helpful.

    I am a professional over here working with clients. We have an ice (meth) epidemic, it is so sad and is affecting so many lives. I have a client I am working with and using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with, however although an excellent therapy many clients find it so hard to put into practice the mindfulness needed and to urge surf when the craving kicks in.

    I have just passed the Level 1 and have the the Advanced ( haven't studied enough to take this exam yet : ). I also have the belief eraser. I am wondering if the 2015 tracks would be the way to go? Sorry for going on, but I would love to be able to make a difference. In terms of personal use I am amazed at the changes I have recently made. For example I really feel uncomfortable re. someone I work with, and was seriously thinking of just resigning. Through using the free tracks I was able to walk back in with a truly confident and cheerful demeanor without giving the person much thought at all.

    I am still getting my head around how powerful PSTEC is.  :)