Reply To: specific material success

Peter Bunyan

    Hi psteckie

    Yes, but…. you would need to be able to visualise yourself having x with some good feelings about it. This would enable your subconscious to believe it, until you opened your eyes and you still don't have x.

    Two views, one that with absolute faith that the universe will provide, two the universe tends to help those who help themselves. PSTEC is a set of tools to help so you are already working with the latter.

    You can sign up to Think and Grow Rich with PSTEC or purchase How to Achieve Almost Anything – The easy way, with PSTEC. TGR is an online course with special PSTEC tracks and more, How to Achieve is a step by step tutorial, both these give loads of help and advice to make x happen for you.

    You can use the PSTEC tools you have to best effect. When visualising yourself having x, what negative thoughts and feelings arise? “I would love this, but I don't have enough time, money etc” would be a common sort of thing. Watch out for that “but”! Click Track any such thing first to enable yourself to believe success in having x. When all the negative stuff is cleared then work with Positive. A softer statement would be best to start with, “I could have x” “I will get x”. Also I would strongly recommend listening to Wealth of Abundance a fair number of times first. This will help build positive feelings around getting/having x.

    So “yes” to material things, but it will require some planning and commitment.