Reply To: specific material success


    Thank you for your reply.
    I certainly feel that when I visualize this object x that I have many good feelings about it as I associate it with financial freedom and security. In addition I feel like it is within reach and achievable given my current work/life situation. So I suppose it qualifies for pstec positive. Sometimes I have negative feelings around work which might hamper my progress in attaining x and I already deal with those using pstec click tracks.
    I have listened to wealth of abundance a number of times. And I will continue to do so, especially as I really am grateful for everything I have received past present and future.
    I have “how to achieve anything ” but no tgr. However given the effectiveness of Pstec clicking (it really helped me with a former problem), pstec positive and abundance track, I think I don't need to buy the tgr tracks.
    So i will just continue cycling pstec positive and abundance and whenever I encounter a negative obstacle I will deal with it using click tracks. I will let you know when x is in the bag! :))