Reply To: PSTEC does not work. Why?

Evan Bageris

    With all due respect Zoomy, you know how to get attention (thread title) and you ,and you managed to get weeks of free therapy out of Peter, maybe your better off than you think. I know you're broke and everything, but you could get the fasting recording and eat every other day and suddenly you outlet have enough money to call a pstec therapist. Because in just three pages you made huge strides with Peter.  Why don't you continue by doing some phone sessions with him.  If you really can't afford any, but you want to do them, I'll pick up the first three for you.  Not charity, not trying to be a hero, but Like Tim says: Treat people the way that you would like to be treated.  His advice has worked well for me so far.  Just write me and Peter and I will work it out. No judgment if I don't hear from you.  3 sessions  I don”t know how to PM you but I think it's a safe group. All the best if I don't hear from you.