PSTEC does not work. Why?

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    AvatarPeter Bunyan
    PSTEC User

    Hi zoomy

    I'm finding it difficult to advise as I am only ever getting little bits of your story.

    You have made some progress so far but have come to some sort of halt, am I correct so far?

    What changes are you expecting? From what to what? What emotions/memories are you Click Tracking but not getting results for?


    PSTEC User

    Have zero motivation, and I do mean zero. I have to assume there is a fear of some kind but cannot get rid of the fear, if in fact it is a fear. But what else would hold me back or take away all motivation. I do feel better after doing a click track session but that is all. I just feel better. There are a lot of things I could do to find a job, yet I do not do them, there are things I can do to start a business yet I do nothing. Completely lethargic. Yet I feel ok. no disease of any kind.

    AvatarPeter Bunyan
    PSTEC User


    Zero motivation sounds like a form of procrastination. You want to do things yet “do not feel like it”. A sort of excuse to get out of doing something. This could be driven by a “fear of change” one of your subconscious's self protecting mechanisms, but in your case working a bit too hard. Here it could be that you have this new venture in mind but in order for it to happen you would have to become a new person, not your old self. A person with all the drive and qualities needed to start and run a new business and make it successful.

    If I have got this right then in order to banish the lethargy then try this:

    Imagine yourself in say 5 years time you have created your new business and it is growing and making money for you, in short successful. Imagine a day in your life in this future, what you would be doing, where you are going, who you would be seeing and generally enjoying this day. Yes you really want this but the chances are that as soon as you try to imagine it other negative feelings also arise. Doubts and “I don't quite believe it” type things also this losing your old self, these are the feelings to Click Track.

    Also I suggest an exercise routine even if it is going out for a few miles walking. More, steer clear of alcohol and other drugs, this could push zero motivation into depression.

    The exercise of imagining your future that you want helps to counter the negativity in itself. For other people reading, this counter weighting can be boosted with other PSTEC products like PSTEC Positive which is also part of PSTEC Level 1.

    Hope this helps

    AvatarGerry Albert
    PSTEC User

    Hi, still following the post here… been using PSTEC for almost 3 months now and have seen enough effect to keep using but kept on experiencing layer after layer of the blockages and negative patterns; today the issues that came to mind while listening to the Wrapper Audio (which I use before a tapping track) I had the thought arise to hold the feeling of the emotion behind the issue… hard to describe really.  But since the issues are subconscious/unconscious I am hoping to focus the effectiveness of the click track on that which I can't really put a word or picture to (the unconscious issue) and I realize that it may be a pattern of thoughts that built up in layers over the years through multiple experiences that were related to the emotion and so on…

    Related to this I recently applied for a different job within the company I work for and was selected for the position, I do believe there is a correlation between this and the work I have been doing with PSTEC… not all the issues are gone yet but still staying the course…

    PSTEC User

    Hi guys,

    Just read the whole thread…I'll be following your journey Zoomy because am almost in the exact same boat. Reading your posts about the issues you are facing felt like reading about myself. I have not yet started click tracking but for past few days I have been listening to as many tutorials and PSTEC interviews as I have got my hands on.

    And Peter I appreciate the guidance that you are providing to zoomy and others like me. Thanks for the time and effort.

    Hopefully I would start my PSTEC journey today, I have gone through a lot of information about PSTEC and it has given me a lot of positive expectation, that's a good thing for someone like me because otherwise am a very analytical person, but the tutorials by Tim and the PSTEC interviews have made my critical mind accept the principles that PSTEC is based on.

    Like Zoomy, I too have so much junk inside, so many issues, that am kinda overwhelmed just thinking about how much I have to deal with and also the feeling that I have wasted so much time of my life (yes I will click track both, hopefully today :) ).

    I also have what zoomy calls Absolute 0 motivation. In fact I suspect that going through as much PSTEC information as I could was also another way my subconscious delayed not starting on my PSTEC journey….

    You see..I feel my mind plays really interesting game…I understand everything…I even catch (or at least I think I do) what my mind is doing to stop me from doing what I should be doing…and still those games reel me in……

    Hopefully today is the day I start…

    Best of luck for your journey Zoomy…:)

    AvatarEvan Bageris
    PSTEC User

    With all due respect Zoomy, you know how to get attention (thread title) and you ,and you managed to get weeks of free therapy out of Peter, maybe your better off than you think. I know you're broke and everything, but you could get the fasting recording and eat every other day and suddenly you outlet have enough money to call a pstec therapist. Because in just three pages you made huge strides with Peter.  Why don't you continue by doing some phone sessions with him.  If you really can't afford any, but you want to do them, I'll pick up the first three for you.  Not charity, not trying to be a hero, but Like Tim says: Treat people the way that you would like to be treated.  His advice has worked well for me so far.  Just write me and Peter and I will work it out. No judgment if I don't hear from you.  3 sessions  I don”t know how to PM you but I think it's a safe group. All the best if I don't hear from you.

    PSTEC User

    I hadn't thought about the phone/skype session…Maybe something I should look into if I still am unable to start and continue my PSTEC journey..  Any idea how much would it cost or any link where I can check the details??

    PSTEC User

    Well hopefully it works for you. I have no idea why it is not doing anything for me. Perhaps just too many issues to work on. I did extensive work with Faster EFT and nothing worked. Yet many people swear by it. I have to assume either fear or some part of the subconscious may not want  to change. Which would be fear again.
    Either way good luck SP on whatever you are working on.

    PSTEC User

    Well Evan I have no idea how to respond. Since you do not know my history, your comment is out of place. I have been doing the click tracks almost daily for several months and none of the issues have ever changed. so I cannot be better off than I think I am. Something either cannot change or does not want to change.
    The reason I have stuck with it is because so many others have had success with it. I am also an excellent hypnotic subject, and no hypnotist has ever been able to get through whatever it is I am trying to resolve.
    Thanks for the offer though.

    PSTEC User

    Too many issues :)
    Am too in that Club….
    They are so many that it feels like a lost battle before beginning…. Am 35.. I feel half the life is gone… Am nowhere professionally… Literally…. Unemployed.. Not in a relationship.. My (ex) gf screwed up my mind really bad, scarred me… Relationship with parents and brother is (and has been) nowhere near normal….. I don't have the will to make my life better….. I force myself.. Motivate and cheer myself, but doesn't last more than a day..

    If ever I get better i'll make hell of a before-after case study… I feel such a loser in life….

    Lets see if tomorrow I get down to begin my fight to take control of my life and not be a waste of a life….

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