Reply To: PSTEC does not work. Why?


    Too many issues :)
    Am too in that Club….
    They are so many that it feels like a lost battle before beginning…. Am 35.. I feel half the life is gone… Am nowhere professionally… Literally…. Unemployed.. Not in a relationship.. My (ex) gf screwed up my mind really bad, scarred me… Relationship with parents and brother is (and has been) nowhere near normal….. I don't have the will to make my life better….. I force myself.. Motivate and cheer myself, but doesn't last more than a day..

    If ever I get better i'll make hell of a before-after case study… I feel such a loser in life….

    Lets see if tomorrow I get down to begin my fight to take control of my life and not be a waste of a life….