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Peter Bunyan

    Hi pcguy730

    CR would probably work best if you could remember a time before the symptoms, Your emotions may not be the result of any great repressed trauma, however it would not do any harm to try it. What concerns me is the mention of alcohol. I would expect you to feel more emotional after drinking. Personally I get more talkative after a drink or two, but when I was young it was normal for children to only be allowed to speak when spoken to, so no great surprise about getting chatty.

    CR does not clear out old feelings and memories but re-date stamps them to the future. The Click Tracks are the tool for detaching feelings from memories. Although they work in different ways I would suggest working with CT 2015 first in any case. A good place to start is that anger you mentioned. What sorts of things or situations make you angry? Righteous anger at some injustice might be OK but anything else is a problem. You can CT any recent event or imagine something that would make you angry and CT that.

    In short I wish I could guarantee that CR would do it for you, but no therapist would, the human mind is just so different in every individual. The PSTEC therapies are harmless unless used in a deliberately malicious way. They quite often produce awesome results. It is not unusual to find forgotten feelings or memories resurfacing after Click Tracking for some time, or seeing old events in a different light, sometimes days or weeks later.