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    Adam Goltz
    PSTEC User

      I'm wondering if this product can be used in this way.

      Per details: “Cascade Release works on the subconscious mind completely differently from the other PSTEC tools, and so with this technique you'll find you can even work where there are no feelings and no known memories.”

      I don't have traumatic memories from my childhood that I can remember but I know I am affected by something in the past.

      The latest example is on my Birthday I was spending time with family (drinking was involved) and my Mom brought out the laptop and started showing me all these pictures of the past. Then I felt some emotional reaction of sadness but I was at a party and enjoying myself.

      When I got home and was sleeping my girlfriend said I was whimpering and that and when she would check on me I would get straight face and say don't bother me then roll over and start whimpering.

      I guess this isn't the first time I had a display of emotions like that when sleeping after a night of drinking.

      Usually I don't experience emotions like sadness or grief sometimes I will display anger.

      My question is if I purchase Cascade Release would I be able to use it on that what I experience sometimes when drinking and it would clear out all the feelings and memories that's unknown to my conscious mind?

      I do have the free click tracks and purchased the 2015 click tracks. I do use them for memories I remember.

      But if this will work like described that would be pretty awesome.

      Peter Bunyan
      PSTEC User

        Hi pcguy730

        CR would probably work best if you could remember a time before the symptoms, Your emotions may not be the result of any great repressed trauma, however it would not do any harm to try it. What concerns me is the mention of alcohol. I would expect you to feel more emotional after drinking. Personally I get more talkative after a drink or two, but when I was young it was normal for children to only be allowed to speak when spoken to, so no great surprise about getting chatty.

        CR does not clear out old feelings and memories but re-date stamps them to the future. The Click Tracks are the tool for detaching feelings from memories. Although they work in different ways I would suggest working with CT 2015 first in any case. A good place to start is that anger you mentioned. What sorts of things or situations make you angry? Righteous anger at some injustice might be OK but anything else is a problem. You can CT any recent event or imagine something that would make you angry and CT that.

        In short I wish I could guarantee that CR would do it for you, but no therapist would, the human mind is just so different in every individual. The PSTEC therapies are harmless unless used in a deliberately malicious way. They quite often produce awesome results. It is not unusual to find forgotten feelings or memories resurfacing after Click Tracking for some time, or seeing old events in a different light, sometimes days or weeks later.


        PSTEC User

          Hi pcguy730

          CR does not clear out old feelings and memories but re-date stamps them to the future. The Click Tracks are the tool for detaching feelings from memories. Although they work in different ways I would suggest working with CT 2015 first in any case.

          Hello Peter,
          this conversation is old, so I hope it's ok to join in with my own questions.
          I am thinking about buying CR for the use on my cPTSD. I already have lots of experience with the free tracks, with the EEFs, accelerators, PSTEC positive, negative and with CT 2015.

          When you say that there will be a re-date stamp, does that mean there will be some kind of flashback with those memories for which I right now have amnesia? And after that flashback I can tap them in the usual way? I just would like to know in which way the memories will come back or manifest themselves for the first time ever. Righ now while tapping, I have some kind of structure that works very well for me.

          I first tap, then I tell myself what I was tapping and what I think about that after tapping. No, I am not crazy. :) It's just that as soon as I am able to articulate something, it's not that frightening any more and it's no longer a heavy burden or a bruise on my soul.
          I usually combine PSTEC with breathing techniques and with Jin Shin Jyutsu, that works great for me, because it relieves the tension in my body and it is comforting.

          I am not a newbie when it comes to tapping on my PTSD and I did lots of therapy. I know what I am dealing with and right now it's just about those events where I know that there happened something bad or that there was something that went terribly wrong. I roughly know what happened, but without the details.
          Those blanc spaces occour often for times when someone with a NPD/BPD was raging ( and I was dissociating) or gaslighing, so i am not sure if it is really important to know what happened as long as I bring to my mind that what happened was narcisstic abuse. Because it's about them in those moments, I guess it's “their” stuff? I did some surrogate tapping for that NPD/BPD persons and yes, I already listened to that interview with Cynthia.

          My tapping is not only about PTSD, but also about my OCD, which I developed as an attempt to cope with narcissistic abuse. I needed to balance the cognitive dissonance resulting from gaslighting and abuse. I really worked hard with EFT, PTSD and all that other techniques and it got a lot better. There is still work to do, but as long as I know that there are techniques that help me getting over it, that's ok. I can live with that. :)

          For me, it was important to be able to name that stuff, e.g. to know that there is something called gaslighting, that I am not going crazy. I needed to understand, what was going on and why, but I also learned that there is a time when it is necessary to let go of that stuff completely. In the end, that hurt, that was passed on during abuse, it's the pain of the offender and only subsidiarily mine. I only can heal my own wounds. But as I know now, healing my wounds is doable as soon as I give back the pain that does not belong to me, that only was contained into the soul of the child and the patient I used to be. Lucky me found herself a narcisstic therapist and the abuse continued for some time. But that eventually stopped some years ago. :)

          For me my cPTSD was like a big hole in the ground. I was drowning in there and could not escape. And now, after all those hours spent on PSTEC, EFT, breathing techniques, all those self help articles and psychology books, it's like I finally get out of this hole.

          I recommened PSTEC to a lot of people suffering from their own stories and problems. It was like they were just waiting for something like that. I am German and PSTEC is not really common here. The german PSTEC site does not really offer a lot and that's sad. Will there be more soon?


          Peter Bunyan
          PSTEC User

            Hi Sidney

            No time limit on when you can join in a thread until it is archived.

            There is no way of knowing what might happen if you used CR. You are experienced at self use with PSTEC products. For this reason I do not see why CR might not work for you. IMO it works best when you an clearly remember a happier time before your problems started.

            I think I have got it right that you unknowingly entered a relationship with a NPD/BPD person. You are the victim of lamp-lighting by this person. Although the relationship ended a while ago it has left you with OCD and cPTSD and I would guess depression before that.

            The inability to recall some memories is a part of your cPTSD and these void spaces concern you still. Have I got this right so far?

            Despite your tragic story the good news is that you sound like you are recovering. You need to build on that “light at the end of the tunnel”. Possibly using to PSTEC Positive to reinforce the belief that you will build a new life, free from your abuser.

            Back to CR. You would need to focus on your relationship while running the CR. Your Subconscious knows what the connection to the blank spaces is even if you cannot consciously recall them. The effect is to post them into an unreachable future where the memories cannot harm you anymore. Whether this would cause you to flashback or recall the missing pieces I cannot say. It would be great if it works, unfortunately there is no way of knowing, but this is the same for any therapy. If you do decide to use it then think about the success you have has with other PSTEC products and that there is no reason for it not to work. You can create a PSTEC Positive to the effect that it will work well for you, before using CR. Again if you are going to try then have another person you trust in the room with you.

            Also in order to get over the relationship no matter how terrible, you will have to at some point need to forgive your abuser. Possibly on the grounds that they were themselves the victim of abuse by a NPD/BPD person, possibly even parents.

            Wish I could be more helpful.

            Although not much PSTEC in German there are a couple of fluent German speaking PSTEC therapists. If the language, or lack of, is getting in the way of your progress then I suggest getting in touch with one.

            PSTEC User

              Hello Peter,
              thanks for answering.

              I grew up with NPD / BPD parents and severe abuse, therefore it is hard to remember a happy moment before all of this started. I never had a clinical / major depression.
              OCD was minor until it had a therapist who was “not that good”, that's why OCD exploded, but it's now getting better thanks to all that self help.
              I am finally recovering, that's right. I am getting better despite therapy not because of therapy. I have a university degree for speech therapy, I don't work in that job, but I am able to read and understand psychological literature and find strategies to help myself.

              It's hard to imagine an “unreachable future”, but I guess I'll give CR a try someday.

              German PSTEC
              I don't have problems understanding PSTEC in English, but I know some people here who do. It's just that in my opinion talk therapy is kind of outdated, at least for PTSD, that's why it would be a great thing to have more PSTEC in German. I know that there are strategies especially for patients with PTSD, but there are not enough good therapist trained for that. I recommended PSTEC to my health insurance, but I am not sure if they will do something about that.

              PSTEC Loop für PTSD
              Is it possible to purchase the PTSD loop for self help? I have a therapist whom I told about PSTEC, he'll support me, so I would not be alone with that.

              thanks again

              Peter Bunyan
              PSTEC User

                Hi Sidney

                Please forgive me if I am off track in my thinking but I have so little information from you. However here goes…  With NPD/BPD parents the minimum I would expect would be emotional neglect/starvation and/or over/under control of you. Generally a lack of love. this could have made you into a ready made victim for a partner also with NPD/BPD later in life. Possibly you were even  attracted to such a person. You have probably spent a lot of time working your way out of that lamp lighting time in your life with a certain amount of success. My thoughts go in two ways. One, Click Tracking your earliest memories of abuse by your parents, these were during your most formative years and so still make you what you are today. Two, looking forward to the person you want to become. The person you would ideally be. Using PSTEC positive or other therapy to help  build a new you. Over time this would lessen the hold PTSD has over you.

                With CR you do not have to imagine an unreachable future, the process is too long for me to go into here though.

                Still looking into the PTSD loop for you.

                PSTEC User

                  Dear Peter,
                  there is no need for forgiving. i just wanted a few tipps for tapping. Thanks for answering me. I am glad that there are answers at all.

                  You are right with what you wrote about abuse during childhood. Those people added scapegoating and severe physical abuse. I went no contact a few years ago. Of course there were some relationships with NPD / BPD people later on. I was trained like a dog to be the perfect supply / container for people with PD. But I am also like a cat, I always fall on my feet sooner or later and I had more than one chance for another start in life. Until my PTSD kicked in really bad and I chose to go into social isolation to stabilize myself and to build a new me. I work from home at the moment, so that's possible. Right now it's about time to connect with nice people again and that's just what I do. :)

                  I already tapped whatever I remembered from my early years and will continue to do so. I know that there is some important stuff going on. I assume you are familiar with the concept of ego states? I don't have multiple personalities, just ego states and one of my states is about 2 or 3 years old and that's were a lot of the stuff I'm dealing with comes from. So you are right about the importance of the first few years.

                  And you are right about the need to build a new me. I already started building one. Thanks for reminding me about using PSTEC positive on that.

                  My strategy for building a new me: I call it the “workbook-strategy” and “re-inventing myself”.
                  – Take a folder, lots of paper, a pen and post-its. It starts with defining the most important areas of my life.
                  – define goals for each area of your life. Try to keep the balance, all areas have to be covered, not just work or just PTSD.
                  – define first steps on my way to reach those goals and write an action plan using the S.M.A.R.T. strategy
                  – I always use paper and pen, because that's “more” than just writing it down on my computer

                  I read everything I need to know about boundaries, limits, personal growth, development, etc. pp
                  –> I read a lot of articles in English, because of the bigger variety.
                  I love the Elephant journal and the websites like “pick the brain”, psychology today, open mind, mindbodygreen, lifehack, “barking up the wrong tree” and a lot more. I scan those websites weekly and take whatever seems useful for me.

                  I print articles that are important for me and use the information within as a tool for growing and learning. There are often checklists with advice to achieve something in those articles for specific purposes, e.g. setting goals or setting boundaries, so I print that, give it a try / try those strategies to ease my life. If it works, then I'll keep it. Otherwise I'll try something different.

                  Best advice of the week
                  How to cope with people with NPD – just don't. Whenever there is a possiblity to just go away, then do that. I really liked that advice. :)
                  That's the kind of article I like. No complaining, just taking action and trying different things until you find something that works for you.

                  I refer to my workbook on a daily basis, because that's my groundwork. I developed this method a few years ago, because I needed something that would help me grow and go on with my life. And it really helps.
                  Usually I would not mention that, because people don't understand why I invest that much time and energy. But I have a feeling that you understand the need to build a better me. :)

                  For me it was a huge thing to allow myself to define boundaries. And allowing myself to build a structure for achieving goals was a really big thing, too. I grew up as a container, I was no human being as a child, just supply, and every sign of having a mind of my own was punished really hard. Doing my thing, thinking about what I need and want and how to achieve that, was and is important to me.
                  New lives don't just grow on trees, investing in me is a good thing. :)

                  It that what you meant with “build a new you”? Are there other people here in the community building a new life?

                  have a great day

                  Peter Bunyan
                  PSTEC User

                    Hi Sidney

                    The writing down on paper is excellent. In order to make it happen you also need to be able to imagine that “new you” with as many different senses engaged as possible. not just the clothes you might wear but the colors and textures, the smell of them. The places you might go, example,  the sights and sounds and smell of a coffee shop, the taste of the coffee, the people in the shop, the background music playing, the feel of the chair you are sitting on. The more real the better. Put yourself in the moment as if it were now not a “wouldn't it be nice if”. This is doing the opposite of your childhood where negative emotions were attached to events. Here we are attaching positive emotions to a future event/s but time shifted to the now. This is experiencing the “new you” and thereby giving your subconscious the goals to look for and find for you.
                    If you have not already done so download the totally free “Wealth of Abundance” track from my site this is another track from Tim and is about gratitude not just for what you have, but for what you do not have yet. It will help make it happen.
                    Re PTSD One PSTEC therapist who has specialized in PTSD is Andy Eckley his site is


                    Peter Bunyan
                    PSTEC User

                      Hi Sidney

                      The PTSD Loop is part of the Tutorial PSTEC for PTSD for Therapists. You can get that here. It assumes some familiarity with PSTEC products including Cascade Release, therefore recommended for therapists, but is available to all at $37. Tim is the only person who could authorize getting and distributing just the Loop part.


                      PSTEC User

                        Hello Peter,
                        thanks for your answers.
                        I bought the PTSD-Loop-Package a few weeks ago. Of course I wanted the instructions, too.The instructions were really helpful for me and there is a lot of truth in those instructions. Anyone suffering from PTSD should give it a try.

                        I already downloaded “Wealth of abundance” a few month ago, but it's too early for me to use it.

                        And I bought Cascade release yesterday. I gave it a try and it was good. I listened to the instructions first, then VoiceClickTrack 1 and VoiceClickTrack2 and then I tapped it away with CT 2015. After that I was tired and went to bed. :) It was like my brain immediately started to re-build its structures. It is different now, but I have to let it sit for a few days.

                        I'll use Cascade Release on whatever wants to be tapped and I'll try it on OCD, too.
                        It's like I mentally go there, to a specific event, release it, shoot it into a future far away and then tap it until it's gone. I guess that's how it is supposed to be. Before purchasing Cascade release I did not believe that something like that would be possible. And you were right, it's all about stuff that happened in my early childhood. Well, at least a lot is about early childhood, it's not the only thing / episode that needs to be tapped and that needs to be released.

                        This is what I'm gonna do during the next few weeks. Tap it all away and then try and work on my “new me”.

                        “The new me” is a little bit difficult at the moment. I hesitate, because there is something or a few things that keep my stuck in a history far away and gone. I hope to overcome that issues with the Cascade Release.

                        I am working on it, I am improving and things will be ok, sooner or later :)

                        have a great time :)

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