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Peter Bunyan

    Hi Sidney

    No time limit on when you can join in a thread until it is archived.

    There is no way of knowing what might happen if you used CR. You are experienced at self use with PSTEC products. For this reason I do not see why CR might not work for you. IMO it works best when you an clearly remember a happier time before your problems started.

    I think I have got it right that you unknowingly entered a relationship with a NPD/BPD person. You are the victim of lamp-lighting by this person. Although the relationship ended a while ago it has left you with OCD and cPTSD and I would guess depression before that.

    The inability to recall some memories is a part of your cPTSD and these void spaces concern you still. Have I got this right so far?

    Despite your tragic story the good news is that you sound like you are recovering. You need to build on that “light at the end of the tunnel”. Possibly using to PSTEC Positive to reinforce the belief that you will build a new life, free from your abuser.

    Back to CR. You would need to focus on your relationship while running the CR. Your Subconscious knows what the connection to the blank spaces is even if you cannot consciously recall them. The effect is to post them into an unreachable future where the memories cannot harm you anymore. Whether this would cause you to flashback or recall the missing pieces I cannot say. It would be great if it works, unfortunately there is no way of knowing, but this is the same for any therapy. If you do decide to use it then think about the success you have has with other PSTEC products and that there is no reason for it not to work. You can create a PSTEC Positive to the effect that it will work well for you, before using CR. Again if you are going to try then have another person you trust in the room with you.

    Also in order to get over the relationship no matter how terrible, you will have to at some point need to forgive your abuser. Possibly on the grounds that they were themselves the victim of abuse by a NPD/BPD person, possibly even parents.

    Wish I could be more helpful.

    Although not much PSTEC in German there are a couple of fluent German speaking PSTEC therapists. If the language, or lack of, is getting in the way of your progress then I suggest getting in touch with one.