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    Hello Peter,
    thanks for answering.

    I grew up with NPD / BPD parents and severe abuse, therefore it is hard to remember a happy moment before all of this started. I never had a clinical / major depression.
    OCD was minor until it had a therapist who was “not that good”, that's why OCD exploded, but it's now getting better thanks to all that self help.
    I am finally recovering, that's right. I am getting better despite therapy not because of therapy. I have a university degree for speech therapy, I don't work in that job, but I am able to read and understand psychological literature and find strategies to help myself.

    It's hard to imagine an “unreachable future”, but I guess I'll give CR a try someday.

    German PSTEC
    I don't have problems understanding PSTEC in English, but I know some people here who do. It's just that in my opinion talk therapy is kind of outdated, at least for PTSD, that's why it would be a great thing to have more PSTEC in German. I know that there are strategies especially for patients with PTSD, but there are not enough good therapist trained for that. I recommended PSTEC to my health insurance, but I am not sure if they will do something about that.

    PSTEC Loop für PTSD
    Is it possible to purchase the PTSD loop for self help? I have a therapist whom I told about PSTEC, he'll support me, so I would not be alone with that.

    thanks again