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Peter Bunyan

    Hi Sidney

    Please forgive me if I am off track in my thinking but I have so little information from you. However here goes…  With NPD/BPD parents the minimum I would expect would be emotional neglect/starvation and/or over/under control of you. Generally a lack of love. this could have made you into a ready made victim for a partner also with NPD/BPD later in life. Possibly you were even  attracted to such a person. You have probably spent a lot of time working your way out of that lamp lighting time in your life with a certain amount of success. My thoughts go in two ways. One, Click Tracking your earliest memories of abuse by your parents, these were during your most formative years and so still make you what you are today. Two, looking forward to the person you want to become. The person you would ideally be. Using PSTEC positive or other therapy to help  build a new you. Over time this would lessen the hold PTSD has over you.

    With CR you do not have to imagine an unreachable future, the process is too long for me to go into here though.

    Still looking into the PTSD loop for you.