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Peter Bunyan

    Hi Sidney

    Good to hear that you have made some progress.

    Re 1: Positive Secrets is a long tutorial on how to construct the most effective statements for use with the Positives, lots of detail in it. Peak performance is best for working towards a big event.

    Re 2:  The Click Tracks do the disassociating for you but they need to know what  emotion to break from from what memory. Hence trying to re-live the memory and feelings while Click tracking.  This can be difficult, but you do it knowing that every session gets it closer to gone. This is the reason for the 0-10 count before and after, lowering the score each time.
    Think for a moment about what is the worst that can happen if you do nothing, staying as you are or getting worse. If that carries any fear or anxiety then Click Track that.

    Re 3:  You might find PSTEC advanced Part 2 helpful. Adapting the personality archetypes talked about in this tutorial to your circumstances might be a way forward for you. Briefly you anthropomorphise your emotions, give them avatars, to create a “cast of characters” when you have done this you gain a measure of control over them and can reduce their effect. In your case you seem already to have some bad characters, it might be possible for you to create from your ideals a more “guardian angel” character who has the power to diminish the “baddies”. Sounds sort of schizoid but we all have multiple personalities to a greater or lesser extent.