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    Dear Peter,
    thanks for your answer. :)

    I used peak performance yesterday and today in the morning, listended to it a few times and it worked. I wanted to improve my performance on my OCD, because for me those minutes, when I have to do my OCD, are minutes of anxiety and bad memories and I have to get through that. My OCD is a lot about bad memories from the past. It did not really enhance my OCD, but it did something else. I slept _a lot better_ tonight, I was able to skip taking my herbal meds I usually take for better sleep and I was able to cope with something that was a huge trigger for me in former days. After listening to the mp3s of peak performance that trigger was no longer a trigger for me. And that is a huge gift for me. :) Thanks for that @Tim Phizackerley :)

    I now have a separate folder for my PSTEC positive. I collected a lot of sentences, written on paper, and I memorize them as often as possible. It does help, but sometimes it's like I work on a particular issue, but the desired effect does not occur, instead something completely different changes or enhances. But that's ok. The brain ist complex and full of miracles. :)

    I know that tapping with the click tracks is all about feeling the bad stuff and tapping it away step by step. I know that, it's just hard sometimes. But Rome wasn't built in one day, so I just keep on tapping.

    I'll buy PSTEC advanced Part 2 someday soon. I already bought Part one a few month ago. Will have to listen to it again, before buying Part 2.
    I am familiar with the technique you describe, at least I think so, I already tried that a few times and it's really helpful. Here in Germany there is a therapist who spezialized in ego-state-therapy for traumata. Jochen Peichl teaches something like “magic words” for dealing with states. Basically you say that to each state after conclusive identification and naming it.
    – I love you
    – Please forgive me
    – I'm sorry for all that stuff you had to carry in the past
    – thank you
    that's very important
    – I accept whatever you are telling me and I will not try to trivialize or deny it.
    and: It's over now. It's 2016 now, we are not living there anymore, then I tell them the date, the time and were we are and what we are doing and they eventually calm down.

    It's a lot like ho'oponopono, but there are some differences. I prefer working with the method from Jochen Peichl as written above.

    And for the baddies it's something like: “I accept that you just try to save me as good as possible, but please leave now or do something different that does not hurt me.” I know that those introjects loyal to a predator get alarmed every time a person tries to reach beyond the limits of what was allowed and forbidden during development traumata. They just try to help, but they are outdated and need a update.

    But that's not what I meant. What I meant were things I took on that do not belong to me. There is a difference at least in my opinion.
    I'll try the baddie-strategy again, maybe it helps. And I'll listen to PSTEC advanced Part 1 again and I'll purchase PSTEC advanced Part 2 as soon as possible. I spent a lot on PSTEC, but I think it's worth the money. :)
    Not to mention the time I spend on PSTEC almost every day :) But I think it will pay off for me and finally the ground beneath my feet will be solid again and it will help me digging myself out of the rabbit hole where I fall into when I least want it or alteratively try to hide inside from time to time.

    And I found a book that meets my needs
    Stop Caretaking the Borderline or Narcissist: How to End the Drama and Get on with life.

    Is it ok to mention the book here?
    I bought it on Amazon, because it's just like the author is writing about me. For me the book is a great addition to my work with PSTEC. (I don't get any money for telling that)
    Maybe there are others here in the forum dealing with the pain caused by NPD / BPD people. I highly recomment the articles on BPD / NPD published on psychology today, especially those written by Randi Kreger, from, about people who are completely lacking empathy.

    If it is not ok to link those articles and books, please tell me and I'll stop doing so. I just read all that stuff and from time to time I'd really like to talk about that with others you are familiar with the topic.

    have a great day