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    Dear Peter,
    it's been a while :) but I just wanted to tell you that your advice was really helpful to me. From time to time I kept thinking about stuff you told me and that helped me with tapping. Thanks for that.

    And purchasing Cascade Release back then was worth every dime. These days I combine it with accelerator 2, Click Track 1 and Click Track 2015 long 2. But I alternate a lot between packages and tracks.
    My OCD gets better, still bothersome from time to time, but it gets better.
    Cascade release helps me calm down before I go to sleep and that's a good thing.

    And I listened to hypnotic mp3s like wealth of abundance etc. at least once per day.

    There is still a lot of work to do, but I have a strategy and that makes the work doable. It's not all about hoping and praying, it's about using the tools I have. That's great for my self-efficacy, because that feeling of being a hamster stuck in a wheel diminished :)

    The next step would be to use PSTEC Positive (more often), but as long as I have those feeling of guilt and remorse and shame, that's difficult. But I hope I can tackle that problem somehow.

    So, I hope you enjoy your summer and maybe your vacation.
    all the best for you