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Peter Bunyan

    Hi Sydney

    Good to hear from you again and that you have made some progress.

    Generally I would suggest thinking about the future you want to have and the person you want to become and Click Tracking any negative feelings that come up that stop you having that that future. However if I understand you then you are not allowing yourself to think ahead possibly you do not feel you are worth it or you not believe it could ever happen. Am I right? Do you fear for the future because you are afraid some more bad people are going and take it from you/abuse you again? Or possibly you fear that the OCD PTSD will take you over completely?

    Apologies for the personal questions. I feel that the simple straight forward approach for you is still not going to work and I need some more information in order to find a way around the problem.

    However I do suggest if you have not yet done so listening to the new FREE PSTEC and Mindfulness tutorial. This is a simple paradigm of the way the mind works and how to use that in order  to change the way you think and feel. The technique suggested is cheap low-tech and very portable and so usable almost anywhere. This makes it a good partner for use with other PSTEC tools. It does focus very much on being positive but not necessarily on big things but an accumulation of little things. Please let me know what you think about it.