Reply To: Correct use(s) of free basic click tracks

Peter Bunyan

    Ho Spaceman

    Quick answer! Yes PSTEC Click Tracks permanently remove emotions from memories. However it may take multiple play throughs. But once gone they are gone.

    In your case my suggestion for you is this:

    Click track a belief with emotions you wish to remove. If you cannot recall an originating event, just hang on the the emotion while running the Click Track.
    Follow that straight away by Running PSTEC Negative with that belief. At the start of PSTEC Neg you are asked to think of some Counter Statements to the Belief. Use one of these as a Positive statement and run it with PSTEC Positive again right after the Negative. Allow an hour or so and some recovery time afterwards. Also get prepared in advance with your statements and beliefs so that there is not much of a break between the sections. So pencil and paper first.

    Bear in mind this might have to be repeated for each negative belief. Also that it is possible that the original event might “come back” to you at some point.

    As ever please let us know how you get on.