Reply To: Some (maybe a bit sceptical) questions

Another Rick

    Hello Peter,

    Thanks for your reply.
    So you think PSTEC could be helpful for a hard case like me who noticed not much effect from EFT, BSFF, EMDR, faster EFT, breathwork and neurofeedback? Is it possible to tell shortly what makes this method so different than these methods? Or send a link if it is somewhere on the internet? Please spend not too much time on it.

    I have some questions about your comments.

    1 and 2. is it OK to focus only on some recent issue? I do not remember much issues from my childhood. And do the clicking on one representative issue also affect the other issues and the issues on the past? I ask this because there are hundreds of small issues and there are no traumatic or very big issues in the past. I do not have those kind of issues which are too painful to think of, but many issues which cause a feeling of uneasyness in my throat or belly but not too big or unbearable. Just a bit uncomfortable.

    I think that's why those other methods like EMDR did not work for me, because there is not one single identifiable cause.

    3. just try to feel the worst fears while clicking right? That makes sense for me. Do you think it also works if I say to myself a negative belief I have like 'I am not good enough', I am not gonna make it' etc.. feel the feelings as much as possible and just click on it?

    4. The nr 0 – 10 is very difficult for me as it is very subjective. I know this from EFT but the difficulty for me is: what I know feel is it a 5 or 7? What I can feel is that the negative feeling is less than before clicking. Hope that it is OK.

    many thanks!