Reply To: Some (maybe a bit sceptical) questions

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Another Rick

    Can PSTEC help a hard case like you, even after all those other modalities, YES! PSTEC is the most powerful cutting edge therapy available today. The FREE Click Tracks are not cut down or crippled versions, there are later improved paid for versions, but you may never need them. This is a link to Tim describing how PSTEC works.

    Yes it is OK to focus on recent events. Representative events work as long as they are the most negative feeling ones. Feel the physical symptoms while Click Tracking.

    Using negative beliefs as a basis to Click Track may not be as effective. The Click Tracks remove negative emotions from past or future imagined events. So yes feel the feelings as much as possible. PSTEC Negative is the one to remove precise negative beliefs.

    The numbers!  I find that really just relaxing and asking your self the question “how bad is this feeling 0 to 10?!” and literally the first number that comes into my mind. Your subconscious works faster that your conscious. It is perhaps a matter of learning to trust the numbers and not doubt it, because it is not logical. Sure it is not, this does not mean to say it is wrong.