Reply To: Some (maybe a bit sceptical) questions

Another Rick

    Hi Peter,

    With regard to the free it essential to focus on what happened or is it also OK to focus on the negative feelings associated with it? And if I for instance focus on an incident when I was bullied, is it OK if I switch to another incident that I was bullied (this happend automatically during my last session) or do I have to force my attention to the incicent I began with?

    Looking at my life I do not suffer much from bad memories but more from ingrained beliefs, like I am not good enough, I have not what it takes to be succesful etc…I think these beliefs are not caused by one single big incident but by many many little incidents and have become self fulfilling prophecies.

    So you think that in my case I best could use PSTEC negative? And can I just focus on the negative feelings instead of having to rembemer all kinds of thinks happened in the past?

    Further I am curious about the free Wealth of Abundance mp3. Do I have to listen to the whole track or can I cancel the introduction? Do I have to listen to the voice with attention or is it OK to drift away? And is it OK to do transformational breathing (deep connected breathing) while listening to it?