Reply To: Some (maybe a bit sceptical) questions

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Another Rick

    Focus on the feelings. You are trying to remove the negative emotions the more you can relive them the more accurate a target you are giving PSTEC to work with. So if your target memory changes while Clicking, but the same emotions are there, then OK.

    Something happened to you to cause those ingrained beliefs. Something or series of things that gave you negative feelings. You may not be able to remember, maybe you were too young, or maybe they were not very significant or dramatic in themselves, but they still left their mark. The beliefs are your conscious mind explaining the feelings. Say it once, you might forget it, say it twice, you may or may not, say it three times and you are on the way to creating an ingrained belief or if you like a habit of thought. Even though there is no rational reason to support it. Something that is in some way related to those original event/s happens and those beliefs are triggered and trotted out automatically.

    So yes PSTEC Negative might be the thing for you but still use the FREE Basic Click Tracks first. When you have some results then think about moving on and purchasing.

    Re Wealth of Abundance. Probably best to listen to the whole thing, the intro is what gets you into the right “Frame of Mind” to help your subconscious accept the suggestions. So it is also best to pay attention to Tim's voice, just focus on the voice. If you drift off to sleep, your subconscious is still listening, it does not sleep, but it may do other things as well and therefore not be so effective. If you find yourself sleeping then perhaps find another time of day to listen. If the “Breathing” means you are not focusing on the words then perhaps it is best not to. If you can do it automatically then I do not know, I have not tried it and do not know anybody else who has. Anybody else out there know?