Reply To: turning a corner…

Peter Bunyan

    Hi g.edward

    Many thanks for your bravery in sharing your story. Stories help to give others in similar positions, hope! This hope is required before any change can take place.

    As you have been finding out with PSTEC Click Tracks you do not need to know the cause of any issue or have any memory/ies to recall. You do need to access the unwanted feeling/emotion, relive it while running the Click Track. The Click Tracks do need a target to remove to work effectively. The more focussed the feeling the better the Click Tracks will work. If you find you are in for the “long haul” try changing around between the various Click Tracks, the FREE Basic, the eef's and Click Tracks 2015 if you have them. Do not use just one and get too familiar with it. Also PSTEC Accelerators which improve the effectiveness of all other PSTEC packages might well be useful to you, and help you get to the “tipping point” sooner.

    Please keep us updated with your progress.