Reply To: Social Anxiety and Approach Anxiety

Peter Bunyan

    Hi erfolgskompass

    Thanks for sharing your interesting story and I am glad that PSTEC has helped change your life.

    Your problem of your relationship to women:

    You have done lots of PN and PP work but the problem is emotional and so the Click Tracks would be the first tool to use. Especially since the problem although changed, remains. My first suggestion is to use visualisation. Invent a future scene in which you meet a girl but it all goes wrong. She gives you a rude put down, turns around puts you down again to her girlfriends in front of your friends, laughs at you, makes you feel like a really small boy. You can choose for yourself the exact scene but make it the most hurtful thing that could happen to you. Replay this scene aver and over while running the Click Track of your choice.

    The next thing is that the problem was created when you were young. It could be your relationship with your parents and the way you were brought up. You were a “geek” it could be that you were apparently happy watching TV or playing on a computer and so it was easy for them to let you, but you might have missed out on your early socializing with other children. It might be one or many incidents at school where you encountered some particularly bossy girls who possibly abused you at least verbally. These are only suggested possibilities but these sorts of memories are targets to Click Track.

    The next point is if there is any sense of desperation within you it needs Click Tracking. This puts off girls faster than almost anything.

    You sound keen to get on with girls, is this driven by a sense of having to prove yourself or perhaps masculine inadequacy? These again would be areas to look at and perhaps find ways of Click Tracking. These are aspects of low self esteem created by the early years relationships mentioned above.

    Another aspect is lack of self love. Unless you can love yourself and be happy with the way you look, then you cannot expect others to. If you have not done so already download the FREE Wealth of Abundance hypnotic track this is about gratitude another aspect of self esteem and helps to rebuild it. It is another tool to add to your PSTEC toolbox.

    Your magical day August 27 sounds like euphoria this is a temporary blissful state. Probably due to to the changes in your brain brought about by the intense session you had previously done. You are doing quite a lot of work on yourself, give yourself a day off every now and then and allow the changes to settle down.

    Hope you find something out of the above helpful. Please keep us posted on how you get on. If you have any more questions again please get back to us.