Reply To: Social Anxiety and Approach Anxiety


    Hey Peter!

    Thank you very much for the thorough reply.

    1) Ah, I didn't expect the problem to be the CTs – as I have done lots and lots of them before.

    Indeed, I have usually clicked past traumata away, but not used visualizations. Great idea!

    2) yes, actually PSTEC was the only tool that was able to remove some of the traumatas that are related to situations with abusive girls in school. I have already clicked some of those away and gonna look for more like that.

    3) ok, how can I remove desperation? But of course I sometimes feel desperate! Felt like it today, now after doing WoA its gonne.

    4) ok, I will look into that. Could of course be

    5) Interesting about self love and actually I like the way I look. Probably I need to look more into that but I don't think I got those problems.
    Thanks a lot for suggesting the Wealth of Abundance I tried it out yesterday and today and it is really great.

    6) ah ok, interesting. So as the brain changes I get intense feelings… but this was a really interesting feeling and I don't think it was just euphoria or a blissful state. it was definitely more… or are my brain and emotions playing games with me?