Reply To: Social Anxiety and Approach Anxiety

Peter Bunyan

    Hi erfolgskompass

    Have I got it right that the meaning of your forum name is “pointing the way to success”? Your English is far better than my German!

    1) CTs work but you have to give them the right target. The visualisation sets up the problem and your subconscious then connects the right emotions.

    2) Why were you a target for abusive girls? Were you an only child?

    3) Feel the desperation (visualise) and CT it.

    5)  Self love is more than the looks but being happy in your own skin, which is much the same as self worth and self esteem.

    6) Take a look at this wikipedia link on euphoria. Personally the most intense experience of this that I had was following taking a prescribed Homeopathic remedy, this for depression. Cannabis and LSD were nowhere near it (ancient hippy that I am). However I am a runner and have been for 40 years and a full on runners high is a rare thing but improvements in mood are common. There are studies which show that running helps with depression. So yes euphoria linked to brain changes but not predictable.