Reply To: Social Anxiety and Approach Anxiety


    Hey Peter

    my forum name literally means “compass of success”, so you are indeed right.

    I have travelled a bit in the past, so couldn't write earlier and flying to Southeastasia in the next days. So it might take a while for me to reply to the next posts.

    1) I have now done a lot of visualization CTs and they help me indeed. Thanks for the suggestion, I am going to use them now more often to prepare my mind for future situations but also when I try to delete an emotion.

    2) Yes I am an only child. But I don't thing that this is the reason for being a target for abusive girls.

    3) I tried it using the EPIC for PSTEC process from Jeff, an old incident came to my mind I wouldn't have thought about. It is a situation in which I probably took over the desperation from somebody else.

    6) ok cool. yes, it was indeed a feeling like it. However I thought that drugs can't give you a feeling that you couldn't also feel without drugs. What do you think? shouldn't it be possible to get the best feelings just with the correct thoughts?
    Quite interesting about your homeopathic remedy. And your depression was immediately gone?
    Do you think you would have achieved this with PSTEC as well?

    I also tried out Wealth of Abundance. It is a very interesting audio. I have used it almost everyday in the past weeks since I read your reply.
    I have done my gratitude journal every day and since using WoA I can write it down much faster. Sometimes I just get a thought about how I should be optimistic about my life. For example that every day in the future will just be easier because of the experiences of the past.

    Btw, how does PSTEC compare with CBT?

    I think that CBT is a very useful tool to identify emotional/negative thinking and substitute it with thoughts that are not charged with negative emotions. It helps me think much clearer. PSTEC helps with that as well, but sometimes I have a feeling that using CBT works better than PSTEC.

    Do you think CBT and PSTEC are great when used together? Or could I achieve the same with PSTEC faster and just don't use it correctly?