Reply To: OCD & where to find the info in the Advanced package

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Bodycodehealer

    Hopefully by now you will have listened to all of the Advanced Practical and the Mind Model tracks. The obsessive behaviours and thoughts are driven by feelings in the subconscious. Such powerful feelings are usually fears. The subconscious creates the behaviour to protect itself from the perceived consequences of the fear, to make it go away or block it out. If your wife is clear about the fear and perhaps the initial circumstances which caused it, then the next question is can she recall, remember the event or access the fear without being compelled into the repetitive pattern. If yes then Click Tracking it directly should be possible. If not then a round-a-bout route is required. If possible find some other past event in her life unrelated to the OCD that still has negative feelings attached. Click Track those in order to get her used to the Click Tracks, so that she knows they are safe and they work. As you are asking the questions here on her behalf I am assuming that you will be working with her on this problem. Also that you can be with her while she runs the Click Tracks, anything that makes her feel safe and reduces any stress will be helpful. It is possible to use PSTEC Positive to suggest that PSTEC is safe and will help her.
    Where to go from here sort of depends on the nature of the compulsion, the thoughts and or behaviours, and how long they can be resisted, but still aiming at clearing those fears and if possible the original event.
    Please get back to me to me if you get lost, trying to work it out.