Reply To: Question about "PSTEC negative" and insomnia.

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Ethan

    Yes starting with Clicking is important. You said it yourself, you have a fear. Imagine yourself trying to fall asleep with that constant interrupting and never getting off to sleep. Recreate that fear and run the Click Track. The Click Tracks are designed to remove negative emotions mainly “fears”.

    The counter statements before running PSTEC Negative would possibly be along the lines of “I have fallen asleep before, it will happen again” “I can fall asleep quickly and easily, everyone falls asleep sometime”. The actual Negative statement is best pulled from your own self-talk at night when you are trying to get to sleep. It might be something along the lines of “I always seem to interrupt my self when falling asleep” or “I can never get to sleep I keep waking myself up” or ” I'm afraid of falling asleep I might not wake up”. It is likely something you say to yourself every night to explain why you keep interrupting the going to sleep process.

    Once you have reduced the fear with the Click Tracks and Negative it would be good to follow it with a Positive if you have PSTEC Positive with statements along the lines of “I get to sleep quickly and easily” or “I always get to sleep easily”.

    Hope this helps

    Please let us know how you get on.

    Can you remember when this sleep interrupting behaviour started?