Reply To: Question about "PSTEC negative" and insomnia.

Ethan Garrett

    Can you remember when this sleep interrupting behaviour started?

    Yes, first it started before a job interview, I feared that if I didn't fall asleep, I would fail, it was only two nights long and then everything restored to normal. Then when I got the job, I remembered my fears and developed a new one, that if I couldn't get a sleep, I would perform poorly :). I don't have the job now, though the fear hasn't disappeared, it just evolved a little bit.
    But there probably were other factors that contributed to this current state: low self esteem, have had a psychosomatic illness for a few years–lots of symptoms but the cause is not physical, it's because of suppressed emotions, being overly sensitive, and I didn't get a proper treatment (should have been psychological + maybe antidepressants, but was prescribed nootropics). At that time I wasn't socially active and active in general, was more concentrated on my career, preparing for a different job. I think I need to work on all my fears–being alone, unstable future and other negative emotions.
    Could you please tell me if I can use the Click Tracks on the current emotion (not from the past or imaginary future) in case I feel anxiety/unease/slight fear for whatever reason.