Reply To: Question about "PSTEC negative" and insomnia.

Peter Bunyan


    Thanks for spotting the link error and telling me about it.

    Re Counter Statements, it is difficult for me to be prescriptive, it is best to use your own form of words. These statements serve to fire up your negativity prior to running the Negative track with your negative statement, you need to react to them. When thinking of these counter statements they should bring to mind with feeling the Negative statement you wish to remove.

    In order to help rebuild low self-esteem If you have not done so I suggest you download and listen to “Wealth of Abundance” another of Tim's track. This is a hypnotic so do not do anything else while listening. Listen as often as you can.

    Yes Click Track any and all fears from the past and in the anticipated future. Yes you can use the Click Tracks on current emotions.

    Generally the shorter simpler statements work best, but for Negative Tim suggests if I remember correctly making it 8 to 12 words so you may have to add “It's my belief” or “I believe that”. If you are using a contrived statement rather than one you know you repeat to yourself, then you may have to create several and run Negative with them all one at a time.