Reply To: Question about "PSTEC negative" and insomnia.

Ethan Garrett

    I finally managed to completely normalize my sleep. PSTEC Click tracks 1-4 helped me to deal with negative emotions. Also in my case Mindfulness meditation (when you observe your thoughts and emotions) was of a great help. I kind of knew about it before from Eckhart Tolle's books (he doesn't use this term, but talks about the same thing) and even practiced from time to time but now under pressure I have much better results.
    I love the 'wealth of abundance' track, I knew how it was important to be grateful for everything that was happening and would happen in my life, but just kept forgetting  :). So I need to listen to it more, probably every day until it sinks firmly in. I also plan to explore PSTEC techniques more for different kinds of purposes.
    I deleted some small pieces from my previous messages because I don't want my experience to become a negative suggestion to other people. Some of my negative patterns were developed after I had read messages from individuals with a sleep problem.

    Thank you again for all the advice and my best wishes to you and everyone on these forums.