Reply To: Does PSTEC positive actually work?

Peter Bunyan

    Hi obstruktion

    Absolutely, stop using Positive.
    Not tried Sedona myself but I have heard good things about it. What ever works best for you is the the thing to use.

    There is no goal too unbelievable, as long as you can believe it, that is all that matters.

    “Still finding doubt and all types of not believing it will happen.”
    “No I am just a negative person that doesn't believe in myself by nature.”

    Sounds to me like your low self esteem is sabotaging your work towards your goal.
    While you still have negative feelings by nature then first you have to change your negative feelings (this will change your nature) before using PSTEC Positive in order to give your positive statements a chance. Removing negative feelings is the job of the Click Tracks. I can see you have been with PSTEC for some time but I have no way of knowing how you have been using the tools. So I am not able to properly advise you on the best way forward at this time. However…

    “Waking up at night stressed and depressed” This is caused by fears, fears are feelings. Fear that you might not get another job and related fears, these to me are Click Trackable. The FREE basic Click Tracks work for me and many thousands of other people, use Sedona and you still have PSTEC which can be used as well.

    What ever method/modality/therapy you use it must first address your low self-esteem and in order to do this you might have to find the causes for it. These are usually early life events. Then do something about those. This is nothing to do with the way PSTEC works but the way your mind works, the mechanics of mind.

    Please ask me any more questions, if not best wishes.