Reply To: Does PSTEC positive actually work?

Peter Bunyan

    Hi obstruktion

    Daily practice is good!

    Some more stuff for you to think about.

    Negativity and depression are signs/aspects/symptoms of low self-esteem another one is ingratitude. Wealth of Abundance is a hypnotic track from Tim it is FREE and requires no email or anything to download. Get it from my site at Listen to it as often as you can, it helps fight low self-esteem by creating gratitude in your thinking.

    Losing a job is a great self-esteem lowerer. This is partly due to you losing some control over your life, it also might make you feel less of a person, less wanted, not valued. If you can identify with some of this then these are negative feelings to Click Track away. You want a big income job then you are gonna need all the confidence and self assurance you can find. Not bravado but genuine self belief. Click Track any past failures, failures at almost anything in your life, particularly in work and work relationships. Think about all the good stuff in your life and when thinking about your big goal make it as real as possible imagine a day in your future life having achieved it, and how good it feels. Imagine it with all the details, sounds and even smells. This in order to set your mind working on how to make it happen. If when doing this you are immediately assailed by doubts, “it's a great dream but…” Click Track what ever follows that “but”, lack of money is a common one.
    Having loads of money is not in itself a good goal to aim for, it is what money represents to you that is important. Having money does not make you a better person, just one with more potential to control your own life.