Reply To: PSTEC for Self-Love

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Lisa

    Self Love seems at first to be a difficult topic, but let me perhaps simplify it. Here I am going to stick my neck out and say that self love = high self esteem/self worth = spirituality = JEEP = happiness. The problems are all caused by how people interpret the words which come with so many different connotations. Rather than see differences I try to see what all these have in common. To me the commonalities are far bigger than any differences.

    This means that the route to achieving any or all of these things is the same. This starts by removing all the negative emotions from all of your past. Although there are others since this is a PSTEC forum then the tools to use first are any of the PSTEC Click Tracks. Supporting these are Wealth of Abundance and PSTEC Negative. When progress has been made then any of the PSTEC Positive tracks can be introduced. PSTEC Accelerators help the whole process along. While working at removing the negatives you can start work on defining a goal or series of, what do you want out of life and why do you want it. You need to have a purpose in life, a reason to exist. Self love sounds almost selfish, but it is not. If you can love yourself then you can love others and they in turn will find you an awful lot easier to love. The world needs more of it!

    Keep asking the questions