Reply To: PSTEC for Self-Love

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Lisa

    Self love is for one's self not for what others may think of you. Self improvement so that you can leave the world a slightly better place than when you arrived.

    If you can still hear your parents sayings, where they are self limiting or unhelpful as your example then this would be a good target for PSTEC Negative.

    Listen to WofA it is about gratitude which is an aspsct of self love helping to build it.

    You do not need to follow the Negative with a Positive but it is a good time. If you have a belief that goes like “I'm no good at…” this is usually associated with failure at “…”. So Click Track the sense and memories of failure. Run Negative with that belief “I'm no good at…” then a Positive “I might be able to do that…” and then another Positive “I can do that. ..”. Hopefully you can see the system and alter it for your own needs.